Resilience Thinking – It’s when not if.

 The shape of change The recent and rapid evolution of our high streets in the UK and main street USA have been a very visible sign of change which few will have missed. Resilience thinking helps business leaders understand what that change will look like for their...

Decision making on the shifting sands of the facts.

Facts can change. The foundation of any good decision should be the facts, so how should we build a fact based culture in a business?

Is our personal resilience at risk from hyper-connectivity ?

Personal resilience is more important today than it ever was. Providing inner strength, it helps us to go with the flow and bounce back from adversity. More than a buzzword, personal resilience can be learned and contribute real advantages in situations which disrupt...

Demographic change, a slo-mo disruption?

Staff are the core of any business, without them we all might as well shut up shop and go home. However across many economies, organisations are struggling to recruit and retain staff against multiple headwinds of demographic change which are global in nature but local in impact.

Risk forecasting, mirage or science?

How to move from Risk Forecasting to Resilience Thinking. There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.

Adaptive capability and making a drama out of a crisis.

How can an organisation build adaptive capability to improve it’s resilience. Strategies including product-as-a-service, agile manufacturing, mutual support, and Auftragstaktik can contribute to preparations for disruption to give an organisation the ability to survive and create new opportunity.

How community resilience can build resilient organisations

Building community resilience is one concrete way we can create a more resilient organisation. By preparing ahead of disruption, communities and the organisations they contain can resist disruption, respond effectively and make positive changes as a result.

Disruptions usually start small and look insignificant.

A 20-20 rear view of disruption and electric vehicle charging. Disruptions are often seen as bad, to be avoided and minimised, resilience is about more than just weathering disruption but seeing it as an opportunity

3 Lessons in Business Resilience from Easter Island

3 Lessons for business resilience from Easter Island. Will we continue to optimise today without considering the future and continue blindly with business as usual? Or will we learn the lessons of maintaining outward views, incentivising the correct decisions and creating sustainable innovation strategies to build resilience into our organisations?

Resilience 101. Sustain, thrive and grow your organisation.

We believe organisation’s must be resilient to survive and be sucessful. How? By building strength, resilience capability and taking advantage from disruption.  In today’s world it’s a strategic imperative.

The Resilience Landscape

Create your Organisation's resilience Advantage
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A Resilience Roadmap Built Exactly To Your Needs

Every organisation is different.

The resilience landscape breaks resilience down into the crucial questions in a visual, step by step process giving you relevant and tangible insights, not a generic meaningless indicator.

  • Click on the interactive landscape to learn more about each segment and what you might need to consider.
  • Download the resilience landscape to use in workshops at any size from A4 to A0, (we recommend A3).
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Optimise the Resilience of your Organisation using the Landscape

Use the resilience landscape to build a collaborative and shared view of your organisation’s resilience. Designed to prompt discussion and exploration, the landscape can be used for groups, as a leader’s checklist, project tool or for regular reviews. Scaleable and adaptable to fit your context, it is free to download and use under the Creative Commons Licence 4.0.

Identify key potentials and deficits between your consensus resilience and your current status to target areas for improvement. Tap into resources identified by the landscape for effective and quick impacts before investing in new capabilities. Keep track of your resilience by using the landscape for regular reviews as you initiate changes, identify new opportunities or develop your vision.

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